There are many types of performance upgrades for any vehicle from a simple exhaust system upgrade to a full system with headers, high flow cats and mufflers to fitting and

Diesel ECU Tune

DIESEL ECU TUNE Diesel ECU Tune is the biggest tuning turn point for common rail diesel performance. Diesel ECU Tuning now gives Power Curve Performance the ability to tune a

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Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning

 Everything you need in one location.  Mechanical servicing, 4×4 accessories and suspension, dyno tuning and engine conversions.  From your 4×4, classic or every day run about our team can assist you.  Enjoy your weekends doing what you love and we will take care of your vehicle from your brakes to your camping fridge we are happy to assist.  power curve performance sunshine coast nambour burnside dyno tune sunshine coast dyno tuning power curve performance Nambour mechanical 4wd upgrades modification turbo upgrades injector upgrades duramax conversions nissan tune ECU Tune Diesel Tune

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Your not going to let another year go by watching the kids head down to the shops and fill their minds with Netflix drama.  This is the year to get them outdoors.  Remember the days your partner and you headed off to a secluded local spot and enjoyed the Sunshine Coast surroundings.  You no longer have to drive to Brisbane to have your pride and joy 4×4 upgraded.  Superior engineering has partnered with Power Curve Performance now the local dealer and supplier.  All Superior Engineering items can now be purchased and installed right here at the Nambour store.

Plan your next trip to DI, relax in the sun and sand.  You’ll need to get the rods and reels and surfboard sorted and a new beach chair for the wife.  We can sort out your rooftop tent, suspension, 4×4 service and engine performance all at our one Sunshine Coast Location.

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Sunshine Coast Dyno, Diesel ECU Tuning

Your vehicle is your pride and joy.  Enjoying the Sunshine Coast and all it has to offer means you will own a vehicle that reflects this amazing location.  Weekends on the local beaches, off road tracks or overlanding are what we spend our working weeks planning for the weekend.  The Sunshine Coast choose Power Curve Performance to take care of their 4wds.  Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning can safely and reliably service, upgrade and tune your 4wd.  Custom ECU Diesel Tuning creates reliable holiday and weekend options for your 4wd creating the rig of your dreams.

Looking for information on just what can be achieved for your 4wd make and model?  Pop by our blog tab and cut the confusion head straight to your vehicles tab.

Power Curve Performance provide Diesel ECU Tuning for your Direct injected ZD30!